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About Laboratorium Medisan

Laboratorium Medisan develops and produces health products and medical devices based on biologically active ingredients. The firm has an innovation centre with various academic disciplines to provide scientific back up and it has certified quality systems and a validated pharmaceutical infrastructure for production. In the health product sector, Laboratorium Medisan is known internationally as the firm that develops and produces highly valued products.

Laboratorium Medisan occupies a central position in the chain from the source of biological ingredients to the consumer supplier. It has long-term intensive relations with a world-wide network of renowned raw material suppliers.

Within this network, the latest ingredient-related developments are constantly applied in the new product concepts. What is more, the network guarantees continuity and quality and gives Laboratorium Medisan the opportunity to present its products at competative market prices.

Within the chain, this is how Laboratorium Medisan introduces the latest global developments to the customers, being top quality brand bearers, drug store and pharmaceutical chains and private label bearers. The cooperation with the customers is characterized by interaction as partners in business.

One way Laboratorium Medisan distinguishes itself is by designing new product concepts with different unique selling points for each customer. In practice, this is the basis for thorough cooperation with our partners in business and for successful joint growth.


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