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History of Laboratorium Medisan

Laboratorium Medisan was founded on 1 January 1988 and launched as a developer and producer of phytotherapeutic supplements. The firm soon developed into a key player on the market for high quality and scientifically verifiable health products and medical devices.

In 2003 a new production facility was opened with a pharmaceutical infrastructure. This clean room is annually validated in accordance with the international pharmaceutical standard ‘Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP-Annex 1, PE 009-5:1 August 2006’. This high quality facility makes it possible to completely control and register the production conditions for each batch. This is an important step towards guaranteeing the quality of the products.

In the framework of quality assurance, Laboratorium Medisan was HACCP-certified in 2008 in accordance with the requirements of the June 2006 Food Safety System.
Ever since October 2008, Laboratorium Medisan has been qualified as a subcontractor for medical devices in accordance with the certification requirements of ISO 13485. In this framework, the innovation centre sees to the product development and scientific substantiation of medical devices in accordance with European-wide recognised requirements for CE registration.

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