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Laboratorium Medisan is HACCP-certified to develop and produce food supplements as capsules and liquids. The certification is related to product development, raw material selection, raw material purchasing and importing, production, packaging and final checks.

This HACCP quality system is in accordance with the ‘General Food Law’ (GFL 178/2002 EG) and the regulation (852/2004 EG) of the European Parliament and the Cabinet Council of 29 April on food hygiene. 

In accordance with the certification requirements for ISO 13485, Laboratorium Medisan is qualified as a subcontractor for medical devices. 

Pharmaceutical criteria are the basis for the production process and the related quality controls, being entry controls, in-process controls and final controls of each batch of raw materials and final products.

For example, the identity of every batch of raw materials is checked by using FT-IR spectrophotometry or, if herbal raw material is involved, by using a microscopic identity check. In collaboration with the University of Utrecht, specifications have been drawn up for each herb and the identity can be determined based on these specifications.  


HACCP Certification


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